Manitoba’s Changing Climate

This course applies climate model projections for communities across Manitoba to illustrate how future risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities will need to be integrated into future projects.

Climate Change and Indigeneous Communities

A detailed review of the science and western terminology of climate change to help bridge the gap between Indigenous knowledges and western science. This will also help define the fundamental impacts that climate change has on Indigenous communities and ways of life.

Climate Change Risk Assessment for Northern Business

This course provides training focussing on Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) applications tailored to MB Northern Businesses. This course will prepare Business Sector participants with the tools and approaches needed to undertake their own Tier 1 CCRA for their business and related operations.

Business Continuity Planning and Climate Change

This business-oriented course module introduces participants to Business Continuity Planning (BCP) with a focus on small to medium enterprises serving Northern Manitoba. Foundational BCP concepts and the Who, What, When, Where and Why of BCP will be introduced.

A Path Forward

A workshop for professional planners and landscape architects that reviews the adaptive capacity of existing planning policies in Manitoba and proposes new approaches to better integrate novel strategies to adapting to climate change.

Communicating Climate Change

This course is focused on how to talk ABOUT climate change. Participants who have completed earlier foundational MCRT courses will dive into the basics of effective climate communication. Participants will explore the importance and the variety of messaging, audiences, and delivery methods. Develop your skills in engaging people and moving them from knowing about climate change to caring about it and being motivated to take action.

The “Dollars and Sense” of Climate Change

A workshop for professional planners and landscape architects that highlights the innate ecosystem services of natural assets and their value in forwarding resilient communities.