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    In the corporate world, invoicing is a way of keeping track of money. But it’s more info invoicing software than that. Invoices are a way for businesses to establish trust. They show that people have the right, and the intention, to pay.
    Now, some people have trouble trusting anyone. But most businesses, like most human beings, are a mixed bag. Some are honest, some are greedy, but some are honest-enough and greedy-enough.
    The fact that an invoice exists shows that a business has a trustworthy side. It indicates that it has the ability to keep track of money. If a business can’t keep track of money, it cannot run a business.
    Emailing invoices is even better than paper billing. For one thing, it eliminates the possibility that the client might lose the invoice. And for another, it lets a client check his bank balance at any time.
    Invoices are not just an accounting tool. E-mailing them is a way of communicating. And it is a good way of communicating because, once an invoice has been sent, there is nothing that the client can do to change it.
    So invoicing is a way of establishing trust. Sending an invoice is a way of communicating.

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