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    Plasmolifting PRP Tubes
    Plasmolifting of the scalp is the introduction of plasma isolated from the patient’s own blood into the skin. The blood plasma contains active platelets and substances necessary for the body to work properly. Plasmolifting prevents hair loss, accelerates their growth and increases density, reduces dandruff and rejuvenates the skin.
    A course of plasmolifting can overcome even complete baldness. Before the procedure, venous blood is taken from the patient and a test tube is placed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from other blood elements. Sometimes, for greater efficiency, drugs that stimulate hair growth are added to the plasma.
    Our website offers, among other things, the so-called Gel PRP Tubes https://plasmolifting.shop/en/14-plasmolifting-prp-tubes for the production of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
    Blood for plasma extraction is collected in test tubes covered with gel from the inside. This coating does not allow the blood components to mix after centrifugation and preserves the plasma composition, ensuring the quality of the drug for injection. Plasma is injected into the skin with needles that create microscopic punctures, or with a syringe with replaceable needles.
    Plasmolifting is a safe and natural technique. The human body does not reject its own blood plasma, it does not cause allergic reactions. General anesthesia is not required for plasmolifting, it is enough to numb only the scalp. You do not have to prepare for this procedure for a long time, and the result of the course is preserved for a long time.

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