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Manitoba Climate Resilience Training Project

Our Story

The Prairie Climate Centre has always placed a high value on the land-based indigenous knowledges that have been a part of these lands for thousands of years. There is a lot that we can learn from the peoples of the land. Because of this, the PCC has developed many meaningful and reciprocal relationships with indigenous communities and organizations.

Our friendships are steeped in ceremony and sharing knowledges in a genuine and meaningful way. The partnerships and relationships we have with knowledge keepers, matriarchs and leadership are key examples of relationships that guide our development of this program with the Manitoba Climate Resilience Training program.

The PCC has also created content with organizations such as the Assembly of First Nations, Metis National Council and other knowledge keepers from across the country that truly speaks to the importance of indigenous knowledges and future climate solutions.

What We Do

With a dedicated team of filmmakers and storytellers, we produce a range of video content that explores the lived experiences of Canadians as they navigate the impacts of climate change across a variety of sectors and environmental stressors.

Across a variety of platforms and mediums, our team publishes peer-reviewed articles and research reports that highlight the intersections of geography, climatology, and hydrology in furthering our understanding of how a changing climate will present in different parts of the country.

Our most notable tool is the Climate Atlas of Canada, a data visualization platform that synthesizes vast amounts of climate data in to interactive and easy-to-use maps. In an effort to better communicate the associated risks and science of climate change, the displayed information and reports are available for download.

Community outreach and stakeholder engagement are two pillars in our approach to mainstay climate adaptation in policy, regulation and decision-making processes. Our team has extensive experience with public consultation and draws inspiration from the perspective of others in drafting training courses and workshops.

Climate change affects all our lives.

Earth has warmed by 1 °C in just over 100 years, a change in temperature unparalleled in geologic history. Climatologist Damon Matthews from Concordia University unravels what these changes mean for Canada, which is already warming at more than double the global rate.

1 °C and its impacts: what does climate change mean for Canada?

Our Mission & Approach

The Prairie Climate Centre is developing innovative training content and materials that will allow communities, individuals, and organizations to learn about climate change and climate adaptation through the unique perspective of indigenous ways of knowing.

The fundamental ancestral teachings from matriarchs, elders, and knowledge keepers encompassing indigenous ways of knowing are the basis for this project. We will also connect Indigenous Knowledges to contemporary research methods and knowledge to enrich and evolve climate adaptation planning with the knowledges and observations that span thousands of years.

Our Partners

Natural Resources Canada 

Manitoba Government 

  • Climate and Green Plan Implementation Office, Conservation and Climate - Project Manager 
  • Agriculture and Resource Development
  • Economic Development and Training
  • Indigenous and Northern Relations
  • Infrastructure
  • Municipal Relations

ICLEI Canada

  • Project Coordinator
  • 14 staff
  • 3 offices located in Toronto / Victoria / Montreal
  • 1990 established

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba

  • Infrastructure Sector
  • 27 staff and nearly 8,700 members
  • Located in Winnipeg, MB.
  • Established in 1920


  • Northern Business Sector
  • 700 + staff
  • Located in 20 cities/towns across Canada Winnipeg, MB.
  • Established in 1946

Prairie Climate Centre

  • Indigenous Sector / Planning Sector
  • 12 staff
  • Located in Winnipeg, MB.
  • Established in 2015