Workshop Summary and Next Steps

The Project Orientation Workshop was designed to serve as an initial cross-sectoral meeting with industry stakeholders and experts to introduce them to the MCRT Project and begin having conversations with them to help shape and support future MCRT training offerings. Through the workshop activity, the attendees were asked to identify where there have been successes in their sector, where training gaps may exist or content improvements can be made, and what information is most relevant and necessary with respect to one of the four sectors (Indigenous, Planning, Northern Business & Infrastructure).

The objectives for the Project Orientation Workshop were as follows:

  • Ideate appropriate and necessary training offerings in four industry sectors (Infrastructure, Indigenous, Planning and Northern Business) within Manitoba;
  • Carry out a high-level integrated landscape and needs assessment of current training in the province; and,
  • Conduct an initial gap analysis to help reduce redundancy and improve relevancy in future trainings developed and provided as part of the MCRT Project.

The meeting had a total of 49 attendees including the Integrated MCRT Project Management Committee (IPMC), representatives from the Government of Manitoba and key stakeholders from each of the four sectors: Indigenous, Northern Business, Planning, and Infrastructure. 

Formal presentations were given to introduce the MCRT project and the BRACE program, as well as to highlight work being done by each of four sectors. After the presentations, the workshop featured the use of breakout rooms and some facilitated exercises. Participants were divided into four breakout groups: three groups were integrated with participants from across the four sectors, the final group was made up of cross-sectoral representatives from the Government of Manitoba. In the breakout groups, ICLEI used the Miro application (a virtual whiteboard) to walk participants through a series of four questions:

  • Q1: What are some of the biggest successes in your sector on advancing climate change adaptation?
  • Q1A: What are some of the biggest challenges in terms of furthering action on climate change adaptation in your sector? 
  • Q2: What trainings, tools, or resources exist to support adaptation in your sector?
  • Q3: What type of information have you found most useful in your adaptation work?
  • Q4: What type of learning style or training delivery is preferred?

For a full summary of the key trends and outputs collected from this activity, please refer to the MCRT External Project Orientation Summary located here. 

Ultimately, the initial workshop for the MCRT project was seen as a success. The overall structure of the workshop lent itself well to attendees and their participation level with the MCRT Project as a whole. There are still a number of things that both ICLEI Canada and the rest of the MCRT team will have to consider in moving forward (e.g. breakout group size, adjustments to facilitation of workshops, etc.) and will continue to apply the suggestions received internally and feedback from the workshop attendees.